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Anchored Student Ministries

Wednesday & Sunday 6 PM


The Youth Ministry is for students in grades 7-12.


Awana for the youth is on Sunday Nights @5:30 pm-7 pm.

Message From Pastor Andy: It is my desire to strengthen the faith of young people and encourage them through hard times. I hope to motivate them to pursue a closer relationship with Christ and to share the gospel. My desire for Anchored is to create a culture that engages in worship, encourages questions, motivates the study of scripture, and cultivates relationships that will support them in their walk with Christ for the rest of their lives. Anchored comes from Hebrews 6:19-20, our hope is anchored in the eternal promise believers inherit from the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. The logo and mission of Anchored Student Ministries is to always point to God as the source and author of redemption. The logo I hope will serve both as a reminder of the Lord’s faithfulness and our hope and as an evangelistic tool for our youth.